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My name is Xenia (rhymes with Kenya) Sandstrom-McGuire.  I am a Warrior.  I have a warrior spirit. A powerful Identity full of strength and self-confidence. It is a fire. It can provide the warmth and loving comfort of a nurturing hearth This fiery spirit can also rage with focused scorching heat toward those who would harm  my wife and our children. I strive for Justice, Compassion and Perseverance, thoughtfulness and empathy. I conquer irrational fears, prejudices and stigmas which weaken hearts so that all may find strength with their own inner spirit.

I have lived in the Twin Cities since 1993.  I am a professional musician, a black belt in mixed martial arts, philosopher, an historian, an explorer, an avid outdoors enthusiast. I am a widowed parent of two young teenagers. I am also a woman. I always have been. I have always known.  Since my moving to the Twin Cities, I had only shared my transgender identity with a close circle of friends. Long before my wife and I began our romantic relationship in 1991, she knew and she fell in love with my confident spirit.

Now, I am open to everyone. There is no stigma to being trans.  We each have unique experiences and stories as human beings. In continuing to be me, I hope to demonstrate my commitment to a life of Love and Inquiry, so that by my good spirit alone I can dispel the negative myths and propaganda that have dogged Trans identity.  I am Xenia: Warrior Bassist

I like to write. Well, I have an undergraduate double major in Philosophy and Classical Languages (Latin and Ancient Greek) as well as a Master of Arts in Musicology. Below are some posts of prose, philosophy, and poetry which directly relate to my trans identity. My experiences are my own.  I do not speak for any other trans identified person. These are my reflections, my experience. There may be something in my writings which might resonate with you -- whether you are trans or not. Thank you for your time.

Seek to Understand ~ Assume Postive Intent
-Krista L. Sandstrom (February 19, 1970 - June 1, 2017)

[May 1-9, 2019] Dear Iowa from your Transgender Daughter

[April 21-25, 2019] 3 VIDEO BLOGS - Riffing on some thoughts about Role of inner strength in Confidence, Truth, Joy, self Love and Understanding and living authentically 

[March 1, 2019] About My Body (and Transgender Athletes)


[February 6, 2019] Nasty Women and Privilege
[January 11, 2019] Depersonalization & Derealization

[January 7, 2019] C.S. Lewis is Not a Great Thinker: How the unethical practice of Apologetics is used to create anti-trans propoganda.

* [December 1, 2018] One Year Out: What I have learned this year

[November 30, 2018] Whatever: A Trans Gen X response to trolls

[October 26, 2018] ...And Yet She Moves

[October 12, 2018] National Coming Out Day

[August 27, 2018] Discovery and Revelation


[May 20, 2018] Authenticity, Love, and Strength:


[April 21, 2018] Cisgender-Heterosexual Normalcy and Closeted Decisions, part 1

[VIDEO - March 31, 2018 - TDOV] Growing Up Female When Everyone Thinks You are a Guy
This is a short 15-minute video briefly recapping my experience since 1973 until I came out Dec 2017.

[March 2018] Who Defines Me (How to Speak Trans, part 2)
Sometimes good people in their effort to understand what it means to be transgender say things which can taken as offensive if not downright hostile attacks by those of us who are transgender. As I never want to burn bridges with friends, families and allies, this is an attempt to address how common comments and questions are often received - at least how I have received them.

[March 2018] Who Defines My Experience (about TERFS)

[Feb 2018] Inter-Galactic Empress vs. Department of Edu-ma-cation

[Jan 2018] Transgender: Not a First World Problem: 

[Jan 2018] Transgender Woman vs. Man in a Dress: 

[Dec 2017] 
Names, Faith, and First Amendment Rights.
 - about virtue, dignity, respect and Love shown when we honor others with their chosen name.

[Dec 2017] 
Addendum: A Human Story: Transgender Warrior

My Coming Out Trilogy:
[Nov 30, 2017] Part 1: Awakening the Warrior
 - this is a preface revealing my state of being and intent to transition to affirm my identity in 1991.

[December 1, 2017 6:00pm] 
Part 2: The Warrior 

- This is my actual coming out statement in which I revealed to the World my true Self. A time and announcement I had long planned in advance. The date is significant to me.

[Dec 2017] 
Part 3: The Feminist Warrior

- This relates my experience as a closeted transwoman feminist growing up in northeastern Iowa in the 1970s and 1980s.

 - This relates my public and behind the scenes contributions as an active parent and closeted trans woman which put me in the thick of a huge and unnecessary cluster fck and triggered in me PTSD - reliving my own peer abusive experience. Nevertheless, I worked hard trying to bring sanity, clear-headed, reasoned and open-hearted thinking -- trying my best to model Classical Virtue, Socratic Inquiry, and Academic Excellence -- while not outing myself publicly. Had I done so, I feared I would have risked an abrupt ending of those close friendships my children (then in 6th and 4th grade) had cultivated for over half of their lives. This overwhelming fear of having my children's friendships ripped away was because of the suddenly revealed outright hostility toward trans women demonstrated by the parents of my children's closest friends.

As trans women we are isolated enough. Lets work to engage our communities through Love not Anger

with much Love,
Ms. Xenia Sandstrom-McGuire, MA
pronouns: she/her/hers

Some Warrior Stories

En garde! Prêtes? Allez!

The story of Atalanta in Marlo Thomas' Free to Be You and Me was one of the stories which completely resonated with my feelings as a child. Atalanta was who I aspired to be, and what sort of person I desired as my partner in life and love.  I was lucky to live that for 26 years. This is True Warrior Spirit and True Love

And I remember being about 12 when I last saw this story. A retelling of another one of the Greek Myths about Atalanta. This remained with me as a source of strength and inspiration. 

Around that same time I saw Gandhi in the movie theater as a 7th grade class field trip. The whole movie was a revelation and instilled my Warrior spirit with the true meaning of strength. This scene was particularly influential on my outlook. It has stayed with me for over 30 years. 
Rocky Balboa remains an inspiration.  This clip where Rocky gives his son some tough love, Is a lesson I take to heart and hope to instill in others.
Xenia Warrior Bassist

Xenia, Warrior Bassist
in her Music / Martial Arts / Yoga Studio
This is a small reflection on how I bring my warrior spirit to my Art.
Bruce Lee, Liberal Arts, and the Tao of Jeet kun Do

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