Thursday, April 25, 2019

Strength, Freedom and Joy Come from Within

I've been reading a lot of negativity in social media posts, many people seemingly feeling as if they have no power. This is a horrible place to be-- this cycle of rumination on negative feelings leads to bitterness, sadness, anger, depression etc.  Most days I cannot stand to read my FB feed as there is often post after post after post of negativity.

In these cases it is important to realize that FB, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. Are not Life. 

I begin each day after my breakfast and coffee going out for a brisk 4-5 mile walk, working to maintain health as well as generate Endorphins! I also recently began attending various open jams and constantly trying to meet new people. In doing so, I have rediscovered my own inner strength.  I do not allow external factors control my mood.  While things can anger me, make me sad, etc I can chose how to respond. -- One thing is for certain, I do not cower or retreat into the shadows which would only begin a cycle of powerless negative ruminations again. <=== THIS is why being Closeted sucks so badly! It is a much worse place to be than being out in the open as you really are.

A lot of people have never had the chance to meet a woman like me in the flesh. So I go out with the intent to have fun as any bass playing gal should do. And I am grateful for those who ask me genuine questions -- who truly want to learn and understand. Most people are pretty darn nice when you talk to them in person.

I do not believe in "sides" - I do believe in Understanding.

Every War has begun when Understanding/Diplomacy has failed, and 
every War has ended when Diplomacy has resumed.

April 21, 2019
Riffing on some thoughts about Role of inner strength in Confidence, Truth, Joy, self Love and Understanding and living authentically

April 24, 2019
Freedom Comes from Within - No One Can Give It To You

April 25, 2019 
Riffing About My Baritone Voice

Just a recap for the benefit of my recent friends.

Yes I am and always have been female. 
It says so in my medical records and all of my legal documents including my original birth certificate. 
My body hasn’t produced testosterone for nearly 2 years (in fact most cisgender women have higher levels of testosterone than me and women like me). 
My brain, body chemistry, physical, mental and emotional being are most definitely female and responds accordingly. 
-- AND I have a baritone voice, which used to disturb me a lot. Now I’m like, fuck it, it’s my voice and if I want to sing out, sing out; be free. It no longer distresses me. 
I spent decades seeking understanding and therapy and antidepressants to try to live as male, none of those treatments are effective - in reality they are quite harmful and destructive. Yet in the past 5 years there was been a concerted anti-trans backlash. People who have no lived experience in being trans / gender non-binary nor do they have any credible expertise who make the assumption that we are some sort of "gender trend" or "ideology" - And thus they make shit up and say stuff like, "Those 'transgenders' need to get mental help!"
-- As I stated I've stated: Been there, done that for decades. And it is now understood that the best therapy IS for us to be out, to be on the proper hormones. 
If one do not have a medical degree nor expertise in transgender medicine, their contrary uninformed opinion means zilch. 

(oh, and FYI, "transgender" is an Adjective not a Noun.)
As in I am not "a transgender." (noun); I am a transgender woman (transgender is adjective / woman is noun) 
And actually I never bother with the transgender label anyway, I'm just a 49 year old woman born and raised in rural Iowa.

Sigyn and Xenia
(ZEE-gan and ZEN-ya)
April 26, 2019
Life is too short for Fear, Jealously, and Rage.
Seek to Understand
Get off FB and actually have a real conversation where you Learn about someone else’s view and experience. Do not assume you already know.

If you are not a Plumber, Don't presume you know what Plumbers believe

"...or how to do their job. If someone is angrily anti-plumber, they have probably never bothered to try and understand what it is plumbers do."
Facebook, like all social media and really all radio and tv media channels for the past 30 years are tools to manipulate peoples base emotions to distract them from LEARNING from each other, carrying on Civil conversations and Seeking to Understand.
So long as people are all enslaved to angry passions and pointlessly vent on Facebook, the REAL problems and issues of the world have Zero chance of being resolved.

Be Excellent to Each Other and Party On

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