Friday, November 30, 2018

Whatever: Why I Never Debate "Arm-Chair Quarterbacks"

Pfff...Whatever is my characteristically Gen X response I have been saying more frequently in recent weeks. I do get unsolicited comments from some who claim to be offering "reasonable dialog" when clearly they have no intention of learning anything regarding my experience. They do not hold back in offering up all of their bogus assumptions (clearly drawn from the propaganda Alliance Defending Freedom, Family Research Council, American College of Pediatricians, TERFs et al) as if they were legitimate sources. Remember, the fear of trans women in bathrooms was INVENTED by the Alliance Defending Freedom in 2013. On the other hand we have been using women's restrooms for decades without notice or incident.

These fear mongers discount my decades long experiences, my own diligent research, critical insight, self reflection, evaluations and discussions with medical and psychological professionals. They lack the sophistication to distinguish enculturated views inasmuch as they continue to equate girls with pink, princesses, dresses, and passivity; boys with blue, trucks and aggression,  Then with their arrogant “armchair quarterback” opinions about trans women - they mis-characterize us as “disturbed men in dresses" a phrase which only further demonstrates their ineptitude, for really, what does wearing a dress have to do with being trans? Nothing in and of itself.  I am a woman regardless of what I am wearing.

It is exhausting enough when trying to condense my 48 years of experiences to bring every individual willing to learn up to speed, I do not need to waste time with those who are unwilling.

And since they are neither trans nor are field experts who have conducted bona fide research studies published in peer reviewed journals, I have no respect for their opinion. So I simply end my participation with, 

which is Generation X for ,"You are an idiot and I have a life."

In public, when I am confronted by people who question my sex and gender, I merely ask them for their Medical License, their WPATH credentials, and in which peer-reviewed journal their research findings have been published. If they cannot present any of those, it is safe to ignore them and go about my business -- even if this means, I have to do their job for them and serve myself because they claim a religious objection.

And if it comes down to it, It seems I have just as much right to inquire about, question their identity and refuse service if it does not coincide with my own religious views.

Whatever unabridged definition:
I do not waste time with detractors of my sex and gender. In every case, their objections begin with the factual error that being transgender is a behavior, an ideology. From there they take up a defensive position-- walled up within the rampart of their own fears nourished only by their stagnant political and religious dogma. They speculate with no meaningful insight – thinking themselves original in hypotheses which have long ago already been questioned, studied, and rejected by peer reviewed experts. Yet they stagnate and refuse to engage Reality. The Reality known by those who diligently conduct research, inquire and study -- not to mention my personal lifelong experience.

It is important to keep in mind that these detractors are not intelligent people. They lack the tools of and motivation for critical investigation, namely they cannot even identity the blatant use of logical fallacies committed in the arguments by those anti-LGBTQ+ groups listed above. Nevermind that their fallacious arguments are already built upon falsities. - But even then, as it is well understood that views of all deities, religions, laws, and traditions are the subjective products of humans and interpreted in myriad subjective ways and enforced by humans. Thus I cannot take seriously the claims of any “armchair quarterback” who discounts the experts and calls me delusional when I have spent my lifetime critically investigating my own views and experiences, when they themselves are unknowingly perpetuating human constructed beliefs.

Yet as the worldwide scientific professional medical communities verified the biological reality of multiple variations and combinations of sex and gender, a reactionary movement arose, discounting the decades of research and belittling my own experience as if being trans were some sort of dangerous trend. With no credible expertise, they played upon the false negative trans prejudices I described earlier. They created new lies and fears. In 2013 they INVENTED a tactic to be used against women like me, generating hysteria with the notion that we are bathroom predators. This is completely at odds with reality. They have spent millions in lobbying and legal actions which has served to facilitate violence and murder against women like me. Instead of politicizing science and the biological reality of women like me, a better use of their money would be to promote the expertise of research biologists, cognitive scientists, the medical, and psychological communities with their broad reach of their propaganda to assuage the irrational fears their followers have against women like me.  

Everything you believe about women the way women think, feel, emote, respond- That is me. That is the way my biological brain is wired, the way my physical body responds to sensation, the way I emote. Women like me are recognized as women by the peer reviewed scientific professional medical community. All of my legal documentation from my birth certificate to US Passport to my medical records themselves acknowledge that yes I am female.  This carries weight in objectively verifiable expertise whereas the opinions of anti-LGBTQ legal activists and trolls do not.

For those who were accustomed to me in my 47 years of pretending to be a guy, You saw my disguise, the manner in which I protected myself from physical harm. And while some may still see my body, hear my voice as male, - Never forget that my loves, my fears, my cares, my desires, my needs have always been those of a woman.

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