Friday, February 23, 2018

Old West Gun Control and the Classroom Sheriff

Call me an old school Socratic method practitioner, but learning requires honesty, empathy, a courage to inquire, listen, challenges to beliefs, and dialog. (this is the basis of Civics too! we don't need cue cards to remind us). It is hard to foster that environment where students can truly learn when fear, defense of position, and justification for belief, agenda are at the root of every class period, every student-educator interaction.
Drawing upon my love of primary source history, I have long agreed with the Code of the Old West. In order to ensure civility, gun owners would either have to leave their guns at home or hand them over to the sheriff whenever they visited towns.

In my class room and in my office, I am the Sheriff. My job is to ensure that fearless dialog and learning can happen, possessing a firearm in such an environment is counterproductive and rooted in fear. Statistically we are at greater risk of getting killed with more guns present than not. And In Education we don't merely coddle fears and subjectivity, we strengthen our intelligence through use objectivity and reason and dialog to overcome ignorance and feeble minds.(but of course the administration operates in a post-reality world - remember the incompetent allocation of resources: We have a 1 in 19 (one in nineteen) chance of being killed by a drunk driver, vs. a 1 in 10,900,000,000 (one in 10.9 Billion) chance to be killed by an undocumented immigrant.- the truth that more guns actually increases the likelihood of being killed by guns is pointless to note on the feeble minded - they would rather "stick to their guns") 

So no, I do not allow firearms in my classroom. If someone is truly that fearful that they feel the need to bring a weapon to my classroom, then perhaps they are not cut out for learning and are probably wasting their money on tuition. Fortunately we do have psychological services for students which can help them overcome their fears. And Certainly, those who encourage such fear have demonstrated incompetence in leadership, enmity of trust, and in service to tyranny. 

But in the big picture lets remember that this whole arming teachers thing is yet ANOTHER distraction from the serious matters that chip away at our civil liberties and financial well being as citizens of a Constitutional Democratic-Republic. -

To anyone who chooses to be an enemy of education and disrespect the environment I provide for my students; I am not afraid to pry their weapon from their cold dead hands.
Xenia with her son, summer 2017

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