Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Inter-Galactic Empress vs. Department of Edu-ma-cation

I am not now, never desired to be, nor have ever been a guy / a man though I have pretended to be for most of my public life.

I'm a chick, not a "dude"

I'm a She, definitely not a "he"

"Xen" is okay, but I really do prefer "Xenia"

And as Inter-Galactic Empress sounds just a tiny bit too lofty for me, my title is "Ms."

And if you do not believe me, any field expert can tell you that it is a matter of biology - and biology is not simple. Though the simpleton view of "biology" when uttered by non experts serves as the lazy excuse the current Secretary of Education and Attorney General seem to take with regard to the safety of transgender students. Yes We know their overall tactic is to destroy trust in the Federal Government and undermine the Secular values of the US Constitution. But it is time for experts as well as those with the actual lived experience of being transgender to assert themselves.


Having lived the hell of pretending to be a boy / a man their decisions are clearly not based with any desired awareness of reality, no empathy, and absolutely NO MORAL AUTHORITY! Using a mans locker-room, closeted or not - is a very scary and unsettling place for a girl. THAT is the essence they fail to grasp because of 1) their simpleton view of biology; 2) their so-called religious objections.

It is really time we stop coddling them and enabling their false perception that their subjective human belief in metaphyiscal dogma is more valuable and more moral than the objective findings of Expert Research! - THAT is what America is founded upon.

If they try to say some Bullsh that "Oh my cisgender daughter is going to be "uncomfortable" using a public bathroom with a transgender girl, then be a responsible parent and get your daughter some psychological help to overcome her discomfort or fear.

And then with this whole Conversion Therapy / Cognitive Behavior Therapy. I voluntarily tried Cognitive Behavior Therapy for a number of years because I did not want to disrupt other peoples lives if they found out I was trans - It was a misplaced move on my part, but I learned first hand that the reason it did not work is because being Transgender is not a behavior, it is an essence of identity.

Still I did not want to make waves, so I tried anti-depressants to take the edge off - which ended up taking away my joys too and deadened my already suppressed emotions. What it did do was increase my passive/aggressive responses AND make my female identity even more clear.

So I tried Ritalin and Adderall because the effects of constantly suppressing my true identity resulted in ADHD like symptoms in every day life. This helped a little in addressing those symptoms, And with added clarity it REALLY brought my true female identity out of the shadows. There was a small benefit in that it did make it a little easier to maintain both a male physical form while knowing very clearly my true female self. And thus made it easier to communicate and understand my own emotions.

But nothing compared to when my wife and I started talking seriously about me coming out to the public. Once I started hormones my world began to chill and everything started to come into full balance. Now being out -- It is so so so much better.

So I refuse to pretend to be a guy / a he / a man anymore. Its pointless. I will continue to use the women's restrooms and locker-rooms because I am a woman. I urge every one to make those public places safe for all trans children, teens, adults everywhere.

There is no reason to respect anyone's so called "religious convictions" to object to me using the restroom appropriate to my female gender - because they haven't lived it nor have they demonstrated any empathy to understand reality. I guarantee that I have thought, reflected and considered more about gender, the experiences of all women and all girls, history and the nature of religion in society than every TERF and defender of religious convictions I have ever read or met.

There has never been a better impetus to draw me out of the closet that the current Administration.

Emboldened Transwoman Jamming to Rush

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  1. Hey Xenia- I'm just catching up on you. I'm glad things are feeling so, so much better for you and that you feel free to embrace who you really are. You be you. After all, you're the only one who can! ~Kris