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Electric Bass Resources

In October of 1983, I had already been playing classical guitar for about 2 years (having quit the alto sax which I played from 4th-6th grade because I want to switch to "French" Horn) and I wanted to join the jr. high jazz band in hopes of developing my skills and become the next "Randy Rhoads."  So I approached our new band director, Jim Fritz.  He looked at me and explained "I don't need a guitar player for the jazz band, what I really need is a bass player who can hold everything together"  With that he gave me a vinyl of Jaco Pastorius' "Invitation" and Carol Kaye's influential book "How to Play Electric Bass" with the advice, "Learn this!"

At the end of that school year, Mr. Fritz urged that if I wish to continue on electric bass for the high school jazz band, that I would need to play in the concert band as well...thus began my lessons on Horn (the only horn in the concert band for 2 years! so I learned to play boldly) I also continued singing in choir, theater musicals and filled in on trumpet in marching band as our football captains were not only my quartet singing and brass quintet buddies, but also the principle trumpet players for concert / jazz band. (small school Iowa, you do one thing...they expect you to do everything)

My integrated approach to musicianship and relaxed technique is strongly influenced by my education in Classical Guitar, notably under the influence of my teacher Peter Lingen at Luther College.

Electric Bass
Play Bass Now - daily activities and instruction hosted by Marlowe DK
Scott's Bass Lessons -  YouTube lessons

Essential Methods
How to Play Electric Bass - by Carol Kaye
The Improviser's Bass Method - by Chuck Sher

110 Studies for Bass - Wilhelm Sturm
113 Etudes for Cello (in 4 volumes) by Friedrich Dotzauer
The High School of Cello Playing by David Popper
6 Suites for Cello by J.S. Bach

Life as a Musician:

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